Published Books

I have published hundreds of books over thirty years in the business. I have had the privilege to be the primary advocate and first reader for all of the authors I signed, and to work very closely with them to develop their manuscript into something that both author and publisher could be proud to bring to market. 

This page features a selection of the books I have had the pleasure of publishing over the years, both at Milner & Associates and in my career at John Wiley & Sons.


Wiley Business


Books on leadership, management, marketing, governance, human resources, diversity, and more.

Wiley Business Titles

Wiley Finance


From practical Canadian resources on personal finance and tax to global wealth management and investing.

Wiley Finance Titles

Wiley Sports


Sports books for every fan by leading Canadian journalists, including engaging narratives and stunning illustrated volumes on your favourite athletes, teams, and sports.

Wiley Sports Titles