Editing and Publishing

Milner & Associates offers a range of services to authors, publishers, and other organizations, including:

  • Independent publishing, comprising a full suite of editing, project management, and publishing consulting services
  • Proposal evaluation
  • Manuscript evaluation
  • Substantive/line editing of manuscripts
  • Editing corporate communications

For Authors

At Milner & Associates, our strength and primary focus is helping authors to publish their work. We offer a full suite of services—all the way from concept, to manuscript development, to finished books in print and e-book editions—and with strong project management, guidance, and coaching along the way.

Our goal is to deliver a high-quality product you can be proud of and that reflects on your business or personal brand in the best possible way. We take pride in helping authors to communicate their ideas effectively and in making your book the best it can be.

Our independent publishing process includes the following services:

  • Substantive/line editing
  • Copy editing
  • Design and layout of cover and interior
  • Proofreading
  • Project management and publishing consulting

If you have chosen to go the mainstream publishing route instead, we can help you get your manuscript into the best possible shape before approaching agents and/or major publishers with the following services.

  • Proposal evaluation
  • Manuscript evaluation
  • Substantive/line editing of manuscript

For Businesses

We provide substantive/line editing to book publishers looking for an editor with extensive experience in the business category. We can also assist any organization that needs help polishing their corporate message before going public with it.

  • Substantive/line editing of manuscripts
  • Corporate biographies/storytelling
  • Concept development
  • Proposal evaluation
  • Editing newsletters, annual reports, marketing collateral, and other corporate communications
  • Writing coaching